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New thingie – 623zz Pulley!

I’ve been looking at different printers, and noticed how many of them uses 608zz ball bearings as toothed belt pulleys, along with GT2 16 teeth pulley on the other side. Say I’m crazy, but I hate the way it …looks! GT2 pulley is less than 15 mm in diameter, while 608zz is 22 – which makes belt running non parallel to itself and smooth rods.

This was the reason I decided to do something about it – and designed a pulley to be mounted on a 623zz ball bearing (such a tiny, tiny one!).

So there it is! What do you think? I wonder if 623zz will live long enough .)

2 Responses to New thingie – 623zz Pulley!

  1. Nutz95 says:

    I cannot load the 3D models on your blog posts.
    DO you have the same issue?.
    I know that sometime ago it was working, but now somehow it’s not anymore.
    I get a grey screen.

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