avatarFirst things first: I am a technology junkie.  For some time now, I was, I am and probably I will be. Working as a senior unix administrator, graduated as a software engineer. But most of all – technology novelties addict.

I love tinkering with electronics, making stuff (or breaking it, let’s say half of the time ,) ) and I finished few fun projects in my spare time – like for ex. bluetooth A2DP transmitter for car audio. But I never ever documented anything the ‘proper’ way.

And one day I thought ‘Daaaamn, quite nice stuff those 3D printers’. Long story short – fell in love of those cnc beauties and decided to make one. And this time – properly – I will attempt to document stuff.

And that’s how idea for this blog was conceived.

I was never good with writing stuff – I don’t plan to change it, so won’t post here long essays. I’ll update this from time to time, throwing some pictures of the build progress along the way. Or won’t. We’ll see.

I hope you’ll like it!  .)