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New toys arrived: Infill3D extruder!


Today I’ve received printed parts for extruder – I’m making extruder designed by Infill3D, you can check it out on thingiverse. Aside from the design being very pretty – parts are amazing! Printed on industry class SLS – are actually so precise, I had problems with removing the bearings after taking pictures. I must admit I’m tempted to paint it red, as Infill’s renders on thingiverse.

3D models

I’ve found a nice way to embed 3D models on the website. You can check it out by clicking on ‘Read more’ on the bottom of the post.


By the way, this here is work of Infill3D, found here on thingiverse. I admire creations of this guy, first one to make not only functional parts, but pretty aswell. I think I will add his extruder to my setup, we’ll see how it goes:

You can check more here on thingiverse.

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